There's no better way to supercharge your travel agency's independence!

Whether you've just begun your accreditation journey or you've had your TRUE code for awhile now, the TRUE Up track will (re)introduce you to everything you need to make the most of your agency's independent, accredited status. From the very basics to advanced techniques designed to get you on suppliers' radars, this is the perfect way to spend your 3 days with CCRA.

Requirements for the TRUE Up Track

  • You must already be in the process of obtaining your accreditation. That means that if you haven't already purchased your membership, you will need to do that before registering for the event. You can do that here.
  • You will need to either provide proof of your seller of travel prior to the event or bring your credentials with you to the event so that we can process your accreditation and you can participate in our closing gala and awards ceremonies.
  • It should be noted that earning your CCRA Accredited Agency status and your TRUE Code does not mean you have to give up your relationship with your host agency if you have one. Many of CCRA's most successful travel agencies utilize the benefits of both a host agency and their accreditation. There is no reason to give up your host until you make the strategic decision to do so. We will never force it, and no-one else should either.


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