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The Power of Partnerships: Tammy Levent

February 8, 2020
3:45 pm
4:40 pm
Baltimore II
Tammy Levent
Tammy Levent
Founder & CEO
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We all have our favorite BDMs, our favorite cruise line, our same rolodex of clients. And that's great right? What if we told you there's a gold opportunity with that wine expert you know that has a huge twitter following? Or the luggage salesman you met at a recent networking event? Join Tammy Levent as she shares with you how to use joint ventures to take your business to the next level. If there’s one thing Tammy knows, it’s the importance of a solid partnership and business plan. Tammy will share her experiences and show you how to think outside the box and beyond the typical partnership and reach new clients, new destinations, and new PROFIT$

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