Requirements for Travel Agents Attending PowerSolutions National

Requirements to Register for the TRUE Up Track


Why do I need to be accredited in order to register for the conference?

This conference is designed for travel agency business owners. If you are seeking your own independent accreditation, you will be permitted to register as long as you have begun the process of applying for your TRUE code.

Travel Agency accreditation and identification are the very building blocks for a successful independent travel agency. If you’ve made the decision that you want to operate independently of a host agency, then your next step is to determine the right identification system for you. CCRA’s accreditation is powered by the world renown TRUE Code.

In order to qualify for a TRUE Code, you must meet all of the requirements for accreditation before the date of the show, or your registration will not be valid.

About Applying for CCRA Accredited Agency status and obtaining a TRUE Code:

$300 For the First Year
$240 Each Additional Year

This applies your benefits to a total of 5 travel agents. If you have more than 4 ICs within your agency, please take a look at our accreditation program for host agencies.

Benefits of Obtaining a Travel Agency Accreditation:

  1. Your agency is recognized and paid commissions directly – no sharing or splits.
  2. Your agency is building volume and status with suppliers under your own name.
  3. Your customers remain your customers – forever.
  4. You choose the suppliers you want to do business with.
  5. You choose the tools you want to run your sales and marketing programs.
  6. Your credibility is established and elevated by having a known travel professional credential.

Requirements for Accreditation:

  1. You must be a corporation, LLC or sole proprietor. If you're a sole proprietor, you'll need proof of a registered DBA, Assumed or Fictitious Name.
  2. You must be willing to pass a background screening if needed.
  3. You must satisfy all seller-of-travel requirements for your state.
  4. States which currently require a bond and seller of travel license are California, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa and Washington state.
  5. You must be able to demonstrate at least 6 months of travel selling experience.
  6. You must have 3 business references to support your application.
  7. You must provide proof of an active business bank account in good standing.
  8. You must actively manage the agents you allow to operate under your TRUE Code.

Please note that applying for and receiving your TRUE code does NOT require you to discontinue a host agency relationship. Many of our members enjoy the benefits of both if they choose to do so.

Requirements to Register for the Accel Track


The Accel Track is designed for well established travel agencies seeking a more advanced level of education.

Agencies registering for the Accel track will be asked to provide proof of their current accreditation with ARC, ARC VTC, IATA, IATAN, TRUE, or CLIA.

The accreditation must be held in your agency's name, and may not be attributed to a your host agency. Agents who do not hold their own accreditation, but are seeking to obtain one,  should visit our CCRA Accredited Travel Agency membership page and/or visit our live web chat to consult with a member of our Membership Services team.